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Benefits Of Membership

Industry Intelligence

One of the key benefits of membership in the Liberian Shipowners' Council is access to sophisticated information resources, and professional analysis. LSC provides its members with advance notice of issues that will impact their business.

The LSC Information Bulletin is an essential compilation of informed commercial and regulatory opinion, advice, and knowledge about marine transportation. It is published monthly and contains timely information about the latest developments and positions of the various committees of the IMO, ICS, ISF, ILO and relevant information from Port State Control, the USCG, the US Congress, US Customs Border Protection, EPA, EU, UN, OECD and ITF. The LSC Advisories address issues of a more urgent or immediate nature. Both the Information Bulletin and the Advisories are swiftly transmitted electronically.

(As LSC is a member of the International Chamber of Shipping, who cooperates with INTERTANKO, INTERCARGO, and BIMCO in the “Round Table of Shipping Industry Organizations”, the intelligence of the entire shipping community is available to you via LSC).


LSC publishes the "Guidelines and Procedures concerning the Law of Boycotts of Vessels". This publication includes advice and guidance that may enable shipowners to minimize the risk of encountering industrial action. It contains guidelines for prudent labor management policy and practices; recommendations to be implemented in advance of an anticipated industrial action; an overview of the boycott/labor law of specific countries; contact details of lawyers in countries around the world where industrial action might be expected; and extracts of applicable Liberian maritime labor law.

Research and Analysis

LSC provides its members with research and analysis of industry issues developed after discussions with ship owners, industry groups, and direct source contacts, as well as through participation in relevant governmental organization hearings.

Advocacy and Representation

LSC members recognize that ship owners who do not actively participate in the process that shapes their business environment, may become victims of that process. Accordingly, the LSC Secretariat represents its members’ positions at all relevant national and international venues. LSC is the major open-register association represented at both the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and the International Shipping Federation (ISF). These organizations are the voice of the maritime industry on technical and labor issues at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the International Labour Organization (ILO). The LSC General Secretary serves as the Chairman of the ICS Chemical Carriers Panel and a director of the ISF Council.

In order to enhance its management of ITF and open-register issues, LSC also represents its members at the International Maritime Employers’ Committee.

In all aspects of maritime legislation, LSC advocates the adoption of international, rather than regional or unilateral, regulations. LSC believes that politically motivated agendas that vary by region or state threaten the future of maritime trade.