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The Work of the Council.

The Liberian Shipowners' Council (LSC) was established in 1974 to ensure that Liberian-flag ship owners could operate their vessels to the highest practical standards of quality, safety, and environmental protection, while retaining the cost-effective advantages of the open register system. LSC continues to be the leading advocate for the open register system and the ship owners’ right to choose the flag under which it operates. LSC has led the way in the struggle against organizations like the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF), the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and other groups who wish to eliminate the open register system.

LSC is an international, independent, not-for-profit, New York Corporation. While completely separate from the Liberian International Shipping and Corporate Register, LSC works in concert with the Liberian Administration to implement cost reductions for its members, while promoting comprehensive vessel inspections, high technical and quality standards, and meaningful industry safety programs.

LSC members represent all sectors of the ship owner community, including but not limited to, oil tankers, product tankers, chemical tankers, orange juice carriers, latex carriers, gas tankers, container ships, reefer ships, general cargo ships, bulk carriers, car carriers, livestock carriers, heavy-lift vessels, deep-water drilling rigs, offshore support vessels, research vessels, and passenger ships.

Membership – Selection Criteria

LSC members are proud of the fact that objective data from independent and unrestricted inspections undertaken by European governments, the U.S. Coast Guard, Asian governments and other port state administrations demonstrate that the Liberian fleet is the largest white-listed fleet in the world. The Liberian Administration has been designated by the U.S. Coast Guard as a QUALSHIP 21 flag - an accomplishment achieved by less than 10% of the world’s fleet. Port state control statistics are not developed from subjective opinions. Determinations are based solely upon safety, environmental and regulatory compliance. Additionally, marine underwriters report that the Liberian-flag fleet casualty rate is one of the lowest in the industry - including both national and open registers.

The Liberian Shipowners’ Council offers membership only to those shipowners who have demonstrated a serious commitment to safety, quality, and environmental protection. When developing a membership determination, the LSC Board of Directors considers various criteria including:

Peer Review/Recommendation
A candidate for membership must be personally recommended by two current members of the Council.

Demonstrated Performance
The candidate’s port state control history must demonstrate an acceptable level of regulatory, safety, and environmental performance. The candidate should not be identified on any “target lists” or similar lists published by port state control or other authorities.

Classification Society
The candidate’s ships must be classed by an IACS Classification Society and the candidate must undertake to report deficiencies to the Classification Society and Flag, as appropriate.

The candidate’s ships must be entered in an International Group P&I Club.

ISM Certification
The candidate must have an acceptable ISM System, which is fully implemented and audited.