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Liberian ShipOwners Council
Liberian Ship Owners Council

Welcome to the Liberian Shipowners' Council

"Ship owners who do not actively participate in the process that shapes their business environment, can easily become victims of that process."

LSC Information Bulletins can be viewed in the Members' Area, as can the latest edition of the Guidelines and Procedures concerning the Law of Boycotts of Vessels, which contains advice for minimizing the risk of boycotts, an overview of boycott law, and contact details of LSC-recommended labor attorneys in selected countries. Members may also access the International Shipping Federation Guidelines on Good Employment Practice, the shipping industry's Environmental Compliance Guide,  and the industry's Flag State Performance Guidelines.






As the voice of Liberian-flag shipowners, LSC represents its members at numerous gover- nment and industry venues including the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the International Labour Orga- nization (ILO), the US Coast Guard, the US Customs and Border   Protection,   the  Inter-

national Chamber of Shipping (ICS), the International Shipping Federation (ISF), and the International Maritime Employers' Committee (IMEC).

Liberian Ship Owners Council

Among the many sophi- sticated vessels in the Liberian-flag fleet is this state-of-the-art chemical parcel tanker designed with diesel-electric prop-ulsion and 48 individual stainless steel cargo tanks, each fitted with ultra-shallow pumpwells

and superefficient cargo pumps, to safely transport any liquid cargo in a pollution-free environment.